A.S.I.S (American Society for Industrial Security) International, was found in 1955 and it is the greatest security organization around the world, with over 50.000 members. A.S.I.S International is addressed to professionals on the security sector and the reason of its establishment and expansion serves productivity growth and immediate information update for its members, using the development of educational programs and materials, seminars and exhibitions, helping professionals to provide services of high quality. All of A.S.I.S members, after their registration, have access to information via e-mail

Parallel, the e-magazine Security Management of A.S.I.S, is published every month, where various, interesting subjects are introduced written by experts on the security & safety field.
The Aegean Chapter (243) of A.S.I.S International in Greece, was found in 2005 and has today more than 28 selected members, of which, most are security managers in multinational companies and state organizations of foreign countries that activate in our country, or even as self employed on the security sector.
In the Aegean Chapter (243) of A.S.I.S International belongs Cyprus with 4 members and Albania with 2 members.

For more information you can find us in the below address:
A.S.I.S International – Aegean Chapter (243)
6 Milioni Str – 1st Floor – Kolonaki – Zip Code 106 73, Athens , tel: +30 210.6915118

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